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Blue Cherry Shrimp
Sandra Guy (Brisbane, AU)

Arrived all alive and very well packed.

Assorted Ramshorn Snail
Euroa Guitars (Melbourne, AU)

Good selection of sizes and colours all arrived healthy

Mixed Shrimp Cull
Euroa Guitars (Melbourne, AU)

Healthy little critters and a nice mix

Java Moss
Euroa Guitars (Melbourne, AU)
Quality products

Really nice Java Moss and hood amount for the price.

It’s free.. have used it lots for my nano tanks.

Purchased a trio and got 5, 2 males and 3 females. Pretty happy there!! All are healthy and seem to be from strong stock as most endless/guppy’s are.

No instructions included, so do your own research. It’s a decent size! Good product but personally would have liked some info sent with it for $14.

Smaller guppies/endler will fit through to the lower section from above and can exit to the main tank from below. Plastic is of a lower quality and I wouldn’t test its durability with the floor, I reckon it would take a few bounces but if it landed the wrong way..

Use for larger nano fish, probably cheaper stuff for similar quality out there.

Assorted Danio 3-4cm Long Fin
Melissa (Brisbane, AU)

Purchased 4 beautiful assorted long fin danios. All arrived happy and healthy and full of life. Love them, thank you so much.

Magenta Mystery Snail
Melissa (Brisbane, AU)
Magenta Mystery Snail

Arrived, Happy and healthy. Beautiful snail. Zooming around my tank lol. Beautiful colouring.

Contortionist Vallisnaria

Nice plants thank you. Leaves were melting but that's due to being in transportation.
I've planted them and are now shooting off new leaves, so happy to see how they look in a weeks time.

On the pricier side for a breeder box but very high quality. Would recommend 100%, very happy with this product

Pretty average condition, not as bad as I’ve received elsewhere. But lots of decaying sections. I think I received 3 or 4 pieces with roots. Rest was just dying Val stems

Poorly cast, lots of sharp edges. Needed considerable sanding for me to feel comfortable with allowing it around fish.

Is a single piece, not ‘stacked rocks’ in case you do buy, be ready to sand it down.

Sized for Apistogramma and Rams.

Assorted Anubias
Jessica (Adelaide, AU)

Arrived looking super healthy and well packed. Definitely recommend!

Anubias Jenny
Jessica (Adelaide, AU)

Arrived looking super healthy and well packed. Definitely recommend!

Immortal Plant Bundle
Noel DONEY (Sydney, AU)
Time will tell

I'm not sure the plants are immortal but they were packed well and of good quality and of a decent size

Red Root Floaters
Noel DONEY (Sydney, AU)
Red Root Floater Salad

Good quality plants
My fish loved eating them
A shame they looked great

Great product

Works well and lasts a long time. Much better value for money than other products on the market.

LCA's Planaria Fix
Brendan Smith (Central Coast, AU)
Easier to dose than powdered remedies

I dosed the original neo caridina shrimp tank that had signs of a small Hydra (and some flat worms of unidentified sp.) outbreak after moving some plants between tanks. Two doses as per directions. Bang, done. Problem solved. Then of course it showed in the donor tank (mischling caridinas). Dosed that too. No dramas. Easy to read directions in English.

Cannot fault the delivery or quality of my order. Everything arrived alive and well! Very happy.

Java Fern Trident (2-3 leaves on rhizome )
Mark Witherow (Melbourne, AU)
Great Plant

Plant was great size and quality. Has settled into the tank well, and looks awesome.

The sweetest little fish

Thankyou. I ordered 14 Medaka - a mixture of platinum & youkihi. They arrived safe and sound, packaged carefully. The youkihi were tiny but all seem healthy and thriving in their new little pond. They are so cute.

Female died the first night, appeared to be due to aggressive behaviour between pairing, contacted company to get some clarity on this situation as im newer to this particular apisto and outside of parameters and temps hadn’t done the deep dive into their behaviours assuming they’d be relatively similar to other apistogramma. No response…