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Aquascaping is a highly popular and effortless technique to beautify your aquarium, and a splash of vibrant life to keep the fish happy. Here are a few best tips for aquarists, enthusiasts, and beginners that are looking to buy aquarium plants in Australia:

  • Keep it simple and as per your taste: Developing a good aquascape is always going to be dependent upon your taste. Initially, it may seem like a good idea to fill your aquarium with plants, but it's a good idea to start with two to three and make your way up there.
  • Add some variety: Instead of using just one type of plant, choose different kinds and add some variety to your aquarium. Your fish are going to appreciate it.
  • Managing the space: Your aquarium has a limited size, which is why you must ensure that you make the best use of it. You could take inspiration from styles such as the Dutch style of layering or the Japanese style of aquascaping. The idea is to keep the number and size of plants proportionate and prevent overcrowding.

How To Choose Plants

Aquarium plants can be classified based on placement, such as foreground, mid-ground, and background plants. These are different in their heights and rates of growth. The surface of the water is also covered with our floating aquarium plants in Australia. There are options available for mossy aquarium plants too that can cover the aquarium bottom to give out a vibrant carpet effect.


Aquarium plants do not just come in green, which is perhaps the best thing about aquascaping. When you buy aquarium plants, you can find options that are easy to care for, such as Roala Rotundifolia and Alternanthera Reineckii which come in red and orange.

You can find many other such plants that come in various colors, such as red, yellow, orange, pink, white, and yellow, to name a few. Although green plants are generally the easiest to care for, these are a great choice to add in your aquarium if you have medium to high lighting.

How To Take Care of Plants

Taking care of aquarium plants is very easy, as there are just a few things you need to note: make sure of:

  • Clean water with adequate softness - Plants require clean water to ensure their growth is not hampered and no algae growth occurs on the leaves.
  • Soil substrate: is essentially the primary source of nutrients, which is why regular substrate maintenance is crucial.
  • Light - Just like typical garden plants, these varieties also require a good source of light.

Apart from these, regular maintenance can include specific aquarium plant-based requirements such as cutting down the leaves or excess roots and pruning them up in general.

Why Buy Aquarium Plants from Abquatics?

Aquarium plants require a lot of care and attention right from the first day of purchase, which we ensure. If you want to buy aquarium plants in Australia, we provide you with the best quality and healthy plants, with the cheapest postage.

We also ensure to have a great variety at all times. We have you covered, a plethora of aquarium moss available at all times.